HEX-it complete

April 29th, 2024 by
Equinix invites you to celebrate international data centre day

We elected not to celebrate with Equinix

In March 2004 we moved all three of our servers into a single rack in the 6/7 Harbour Exchange data centre, operated at the time by Redbus.  The data centre has changed hands several times, and merged with the building next door to become what is now Equinix LD8. We’ve been continuously present for 20 years and 1 month. Normally moving out of a data centre is a difficult, expensive and time consuming operation that is best avoided, but Equinix offered us terms that made doing so make sense. In September 2023 we opened our new core point of presence in Telehouse South.

We’re happy to report this project is now complete and our footprint in Equinix LD8 is now reduced to an optical-only point of presence forwarding 10Gbps waves to our core site at City Lifeline.

Our new space in Telehouse South offers a considerable upgrade over what we could offer in LD8. All servers now have remotely switchable dual power feeds and with dual 10Gbps uplinks. We are able to offer offer cross-connects to anywhere in the Telehouse London campus and 10Gbps wavelengths back to our other sites. We already have some new colocation customers taking advantage of these additional services. We still include serial for out-of-band server management.

During this move, we live migrated our virtual server cloud to hosts in either City Lifeline or Sovereign House. Apart from a few special cases supporting very old virtual servers or ones with BGP transit services, this was done without interruption to the client. Dedicated servers and colocation customers moved in a series of windows to minimise downtime while the servers were relocated.

We brought on additional network capacity as part of the move including 10Gbps and 100Gbps links to transit providers and private peers within the Telehouse London campus. This provides a significant upgrade in connected external capacity.