mosh available on shell accounts

November 22nd, 2012 by

Our shell account servers sphinx and onza now support mosh (the mobile shell), which is an alternative to using ssh for command line logins. The key feature of mosh is that it uses its own UDP-based protocol, which means that a mosh login can persist during network outages, and even if the client changes its IP address! You can start mosh on your wifi at home in the morning, jump on a train and switch to 3G, then plug into the Ethernet at the office and the mosh login will still be working.

To get started, simply install mosh on your client (it’s already in the major Linux distributions) and type the appropriate command to log in to your shell account:


It’s relatively young software, so there may be a few teething problems (it doesn’t play well with gnome-terminal unfortunately, although there are alternative terminal emulators such as mrxvt that work much better). Still, our staff are already completely hooked.