Green hosting

March 25th, 2024 by

Mythic Beasts is now a verified Green Hosting Provider according to the Green Web Foundation.

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We’ve demonstrated to the Green Web Foundation that all our UK and EU data centres buy as much renewable electricity as they use. This hasn’t changed our operations; internally we met this requirement in 2018. What’s changed is that we’ve now provided all the documentation to meet the certification standards of the Green Web Foundation.

Of course this isn’t quite the same as saying that all the electricity we use comes from renewable power. Ultimately, the electrical energy from a wind farm isn’t tagged to flow directly to the data centres we use and there is also no requirement that the electricity is bought at exactly the same time it is used. Similarly, the data centres have fossil-fueled generator backup which means small amounts of fossil energy are still used.

That said, we do believe that this is an important and useful step in the right direction. By getting verified under this scheme we, and the 429 other verified companies, apply pressure on the data centre suppliers to buy and use renewable energy which strongly encourages the marketplace to build more renewable generation.

Some of our data centre providers are very large well-resourced companies and they place very large long term orders for renewable power. This means renewable power providers can secure funding to build out renewable power generation. When they want to build a data centre, they also have to fund the building of an equivalent amount of renewable generation to power it.