Out standing in two fields

May 20th, 2024 by

Fibre internet, in a field

Keen to build on our previous success at being outstanding in a field, for 2024 we’ve set ourselves a tough new target of being out standing in two completely different fields.

The Cambridge Beer Festival is being held this week on Jesus Green in Cambridge. A beer festival is pretty easy to organise: you need some virtual servers to handle the website and tickets, fibre to the field to give fast reliable connectivity for verifying tickets and accepting contactless payments, and perhaps satellite backup just in-case someone digs through the primary fibre.

There are also some other minor logistical requirements like a large quantity of beer, wine, mead, cider and other drinks, a very large marquee to keep it in,  a very large refrigeration system to keep the beer at cellar temperature, a huge cheese stall, a small army of volunteers and a makeshift road system to avoid damaging the park.

Mythic Beasts are providing the virtual servers and the internet transit to keep it all functioning.

Two weeks later, many of our staff are going to Electromagnetic Field. This is a camping festival with power and high speed internet to every tent, good beer and all kinds of amazing installations and demonstrations. In addition to being silver sponsors of the event, Mythic Beasts also donate internet transit and have sent a few sets of bidirectional fibre optics to carry traffic around the site.

If you’re going to be at either event, do come and say hello.  If you don’t know what we look like, drop an email to support or message us on social.mythic-beasts.com.