IPv4 to IPv6 Reverse Proxy & Load Balancer

October 5th, 2015 by

IPv6-only in the cloud just became possible

We have been offering IPv6-only Virtual Servers for some time, but until now they’ve been of limited use for public-facing services as most users don’t yet have a working IPv6 connection.

Our new, free IPv4 to IPv6 Reverse Proxy service provides a shared front-end server with an IPv4 address that will proxy requests through to your IPv6-only server. The service will proxy both HTTP and HTTPS requests.  For HTTPS, we use the SNI extension so the proxy can direct the traffic without needing to decrypt it. This means that the proxy does not need access to your SSL keys, and the connection remains end-to-end encrypted between the user’s browser and your server.

The service allows you to specify multiple backend servers, so if you have more than one server with us, it will load balance across them.

The IPv4 to IPv6 Reverse Proxy can be configured through our customer control panel. Front ends can be configured for hostnames within domains that are registered with us, or for which we provide DNS.