June 17th, 2016 by

cloud-cpuWe’ve upgraded our VPS Lite service to bring it onto the same hardware platform as our standard VPS offerings. Our base level virtual server is now the VPS 1 and has 1GB RAM and 20GB disk. It’s fractionally more expensive than the old VPS Lite, but offers double the disk and RAM. We’ve also introduced an SSD option, in addition to traditional spinning disks, for faster IO performance.

Customers of the existing VPS Lite service will be migrated onto the new hardware platform, and given the option of keeping their current spec on faster hardware, or upgrading to the new VPS 1 spec.

Naturally, the new VPS 1 comes with IPv6 as standard: IPv4 is an option, although our IPv4 to IPv6 reverse proxy, and the availability of NAT64 for outbound traffic means that most websites can be hosted easily on a IPv6-only server.

Full details of the current specifications can be found on the Virtual Servers page.