DNS Settings

Hosting accounts

If you are unclear about the differences between domain name registration, DNS, and hosting, we recommend you read our Introduction to Domain Names and the DNS.

Mythic Beasts registration, Mythic Beasts DNS

This is the most common scenario, and the simplest to configure. Visit our main Customer Control Panel, and follow the Domain registrations and Manage DNS links. Click to enable DNS if necessary, and then select the appropriate template: Hosting account on yali or Shell account on onza.

Other registration, Mythic Beasts DNS

If your domain is registered with another registrar, and you would like us to provide DNS for it, first email support@mythic-beasts.com with details of the domain name so we can configure our DNS servers appropriately. When you receive confirmation that we've done this, you will need to update the nameservers listed with your registrar - we'll provide details when we have configured our DNS servers. Then the domain will appear in our main Customer Control Panel, and you can proceed as above.

Other DNS

If we are not providing DNS for a domain which we host, you will need to configure DNS records as follows. (We suggest that 3600 (= 1 hour) is a good choice of TTL.)

EITHER, for a Hosting account on yali:

example.com.        A
www.example.com.    A
example.com.        AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::10
www.example.com.    AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::10

OR, for a Shell account on onza:

example.com.        A
www.example.com.    A
example.com.        AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::11
www.example.com.    AAAA    2a00:1098:0:86:1000::11


If you are using Mythic Beasts for email services, then you need to add two MX records of equal preference. The below example would add our two MX records to example.com with preference of 10:
example.com.        MX   10   mx1.mythic-beasts.com
example.com.        MX   10   mx2.mythic-beasts.com

Domain registration transfers

If your domain was registered through another registrar, you can transfer the registration to us if you want. There is no technical or contractual obligation to do so, but it does offer a couple of advantages.

  1. You can control all aspects of your registration, DNS, and hosting in one place, through our Customer Control Panel.
  2. You will receive invoices only from us.

If you do want to transfer a domain registration to us, please see our Domain Transfer Guide.