Hosted domains

Hosting accounts

User ID:

An unlimited number of domains can be associated with a hosting account; we call these hosted domains. What this means is that our servers will respond to requests for the hosted domain, using the website under the corresponding hosting account.

Initial domains

If you specified hosted domains on the order form, they will have been set up at the time the hosting account was created.

Domains registered with Mythic Beasts

Domains registered with Mythic Beasts can be added to your hosting account via the control panel. Click on the domain you want to add, and select Configure hosting.

Other domains

For other domains, this is a manual step, so you will need to email to set this up.

Establishing a hosted domain tells our servers that your account is hosting the domain. To tell the outside world, you will need to configure DNS for your domain. Before performing this step, you can see your web pages on a temporary address. If your website is and it is hosted on yali, that address will be:

For a website hosted on onza, ocelot, or lynx, make the obvious substitution.