Installing WordPress on a hosting account

Step 1 - Downloading, extracting and uploading Wordpress

To start, you'll need to download a copy of Wordpress - you can get this at, and you should save this to your local computer. You should then be able to extract the contents of the zip file to a new folder on your computer.

For this guide, we will assume you are using the free FileZilla FTP Client. You should first browse in the left hand side to where you extracted the wordpress installation files. Once you have found these files, you should then connect to the server, following the instructions on the uploading files page.

On the right hand side, after you've clicked the connect button, you should be able to see your websites inside the "www" directory. You can now go into the directory for the correct site, and if you would like to have your site in a subdirectory (eg, you should right click and make and enter a new directory.

You can then select all of the files on the left hand side, and right click to upload these:

Wordpress consists of a large number of files, so please be aware this may take a while, especially on a slow internet connection.

Step 2 - Database Setup

After copying the wordpress files to your web hosting, you should browse to your website; you should see a wordpress install page. At this point, you should check in the top bar for a padlock symbol, to see if the connection to your site is encrypted. If it is not, you should try adding "https://" to the start of the URL. If you then do not see the install page, you should see our guide on enabling HTTPS for your site. Please do not continue without doing this, as otherwise your new login credentials will be sent insecurely.

To start, you should select your language, and then click next. You should then click "Let’s go!", and fill in the database details. If you do not have these to hand, you can retrieve them from the control panel. For the table prefix, if you want to have multiple wordpress installs in one database you should change this to something that uniquely identifies the site, followed by an underscore - for example, "examplesite_". Otherwise, the default of "wp_" will work fine.

You should then click next, and run the installer. You will then be able to enter your new site's name, and your administration credentials. You should record the one provided to you in a secure location, or change the password to a similar secure password.

Step 3 - Editing your new site

Once you have completed your installation, you will want to access the Wordpress administration pages - these will be at <your website>/wp-admin/. You can then log in with the credentials you specified during the install, and start using Wordpress!

If you're not sure where to start, you might want to take a look at the official Wordpress quick start guide, which should provide a good introduction to the various features available.

Step 1 (alternative for shell accounts)

If you have a shell account, and are familiar with the linux command line, you can complete all of these steps directly on the server. You will need to SSH into onza, download and then extract the wordpress installer, and then move the files into the correct location - the following commands should do this for you:

cd ~/www/ # change this to your website, followed by a sub-directory if required
mv wordpress/* .
rm -r wordpress